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Stargazen is continually updating facilities, creating an intimate, authentic environment for our guests. If you would enjoy helping us with our upgrades, here are some ways to support:
Monetary Donations

Gift Certificates for Menard's of Eau Claire or Lampert's of Augusta, WI (see Gift Registry at Menard's www.Menards.com/giftRegistry.do   or contact Stargazen directly)

Large Honda Generator

Golf Cart

Special Project for 2010: "Shekels for Shanties!"
Art and the creation of art are powerful and present elements of our sanctuary at Stargazen. We see that it is especially significant for women to express their “creating” selves... to share intimate and poignant passages with other women through art.

We are elated to initiate an extraordinary project! We will build ten “Art Shanties” in the woods south of 5 Crows Mound. They will be built in “sacred circle,” each one painted from a progressive palette of chakra colors. Delightful, radiant, simple 8’ x 8’ dwellings, designed for the sole purpose of creating art! Screen doors, no electricity, funky finishes. Women all around, in the round. We’ve named the village “Rendezvous.”

If you feel compelled to share in this dream, we offer you an opportunity to donate the cost of the materials. We will take care of the labor necessary to complete the construction. Our first “Art Shanty” is in process! The material cost of each shanty is $1000, a small price for an ever-gifting space. Gather your “shekels” (coins), your friends, family, co-workers, co-creators, partners-in-adventure, and share the cost of the dwelling. We’ll build our “Rendezvous,” one dream at a time!
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